1. Tyler the creator commercial
  3. tyler the creator prank phone call

  4. LOL

  5. Shit Guys Need To STOP Doing #ShowLove (Taken with instagram)

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  7. #tweegram shit guys need to stop doing #HelpMeOut (Taken with instagram)

  8. wickedweekndsxo:

    Fucking Tyler ;D

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  9. Lol How don’t you love this pic? #Bridesmaids #BlowJob (Taken with instagram)

  10. Now playing- #GoodFriday #BigSean #KanyeWest #KidCudi #PushaT #Common #CharlieWilson Good #Music (Taken with instagram)

  12. Wow eyes (Taken with instagram)

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  14. Need everyone’s #help. IDC if we never talk Do you like these? Which ones should I buy? Thanks for the input #shoes #vans (Taken with instagram)

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